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The Crafted Box


The Crafted Box
The Crafted Box 100% Grassfed Ground Beef, frozen and vacuum-sealed 100% Grassfed Ground Beef 100% Grassfed Top Sirloin Steak 100% Grassfed Top Sirloin Steak 100% Grassfed Kabob/Stew Meat 100% Grassfed Kabob/Stew Meat
If you want to have a little bit of everything on hand, this is the box for you. 100% Grassfed Beef that changes with each season. Enjoy a variety of cuts to round out your dinner menus. 
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  • The Crafted includes up to 128 oz. frozen, 100% Grassfed Beef, which is enough for 7+ meals
  • Enjoy specially curated recipes with each box


    • 3 lbs ground beef in 16 oz. packs 
    • 3 lbs braising roast (Rump, Brisket, Sirloin Tip, or Chuck)
    • 2 lbs marinating steak (Skirt, Sirloin, Flat Iron, or Hanger)
    • 1.5lbs short ribs

      Note that box contents will change with the season and depend on what our thriving farm community has to offer at the time. We will keep this list updated.