Foxhollow Delivery

Our Story

"I’m excited to introduce Foxhollow Delivery.  It’s the best way to get Foxhollow Farm’s 100% Grassfed beef right to your door—while directly supporting our Biodynamic farmland, our happy herd of cattle, and all the families that work and live here at Foxhollow Farm.”

 -Maggie Keith, 4th generation Land Steward


Since 2006, Foxhollow Farm has used the best of organic and biodynamic methods. A commitment to take better care of the land launched us into raising 100% grassfed beef. In keeping with the rhythms of nature, we are building a herd that thrives on our particular piece of land. We are grateful for our cattle as they fertilize the earth and convert Kentucky grasses into food for our health. Agriculture on our farm has become less about the dominance of the farmer, and more about the harmony between the farmer and the wisdom of the natural world.

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