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The Best Gifts for Father’s Day   

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day   

One of my jobs growing up was to light the charcoal chimney before my dad got home from work. My dad is a grill master - or at least he is in my eyes. Every time I smell a grill being started I think of my dad and the conversations we would have on the porch as we waited to flip burgers, grill smoke wafting in the air.

Father’s Day gift giving can be tough. What do you get the men in your life that gave you so much? I tend to turn to consumables, or at least handy tools. Our 100% Grassfed Beef makes for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for 2019

1. The Foxhollow Delivery Dad Box - The perfect mix of 100% Grassfed Beef steaks, kabobs, and ground. Packed on our farm and delivered to his door.










2. The Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Charcoal Starter - The Weber Starter is a good go-to for getting charcoal perfectly heated throughout.


3. The Foxhollow Delivery Keto Box - If your Dad loves to make BBQ Chicken, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Another gift that we will deliver directly to his door. 



4. Brownsboro Hardware Big Green Egg - The Green Egg is an investment but makes the absolute best grilled grassfed beef steak!



5. The Foxhollow Delivery Top Chef Box - Steak Steak Steak...Need we say more? All delivered right to his door.



Happy Father's Day from all of us at Foxhollow Farm!


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