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Foxhollow Farm: This is the Why

Foxhollow Farm: This is the Why

It’s barely 6am as the first tendrils of pink-tinged light break across dewey fields, illuminating spiderwebs suspended in the grass. The cattle wake, shaking out their legs to start their simple day of grazing the pastures. Birds have just responded to warmth as the sun begins to peek into the stagnant garden, patiently waiting for the warmth of spring. The calico barn cat stretches. The trees are heavy with overnight precipitation and slow, joyful anticipation of the dawn.

Our team at Foxhollow has been working on perfecting WHAT we do for years — raising 100% Grassfed Beef, hosting the Sunset Concert Series each summer, and welcoming the community to our farm for our annual Fall Festival. However, recently we’ve been reflecting on the WHY. Why this farm? Why here? Why Grassfed Beef?

While brainstorming, we noticed a common theme: to HEAL. Our real work here at the farm is to heal the land, our bodies, and our relationship to food. Our real work is to heal and repair our connection to nature so that our community can thrive.

Our herdsmen, partner growers, and staff at Foxhollow get up every morning because we believe we are putting something sustainable, something real, back into the land. We believe that our small farm and herd of cattle are fixing the broken food system by providing an alternative to large-scale factory farms. We believe that we are treating our animals with dignity and respect throughout their lives on our pastures. We believe that we are feeding our animals what they were designed to eat – grass – and not corn, grain, antibiotics, or added hormones. We believe that our recipes, showcasing 100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb, bring your family to the table. We believe that gathering around food with your friends is part of the beautiful and intimate human experience. We believe that we are connecting the community to our land by opening our farm to you throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We believe that our small Kentucky farm is bringing all of us to nature in ways often unheard of these days. We believe you are part of this process, and we all are part of this healing.

Natural rhythms of our farm go on uninterrupted each morning as the sun breaks forth into the quiet morning. Healing is all around us. The buzzing insects, the lowing cattle, the pecking chickens, the singing birds, the gentle butterfly landing on wildflowers. We are rebuilding a system. We are breathing in fresher air. We are walking along a long dirt road with the sun rising behind us. We are feeling soft, dark dirt heavy in our hands. Will you join us?

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