Foxhollow Delivery

No Antibiotics or Hormones. Ever.

At Foxhollow Farm, we raise 100% Grassfed Beef because we know it is healthier for the land, the animals, and our fellow human beings.

High in Omega 3s, vitamin A and E, and low in calories and saturated fat, 100% Grassfed Beef is one of the most nutrient-dense proteins on earth. 

Foxhollow Delivery makes it easy by delivering  100% Grassfed Beef, complete with delicious, fool-proof recipes right to your front door. Pause your subscription or change your delivery date through the customer portal anytime

How it works

1. Pick your 100% Grassfed Beef subscription.

Choose the box that's right for you! Select from our 100% Grassfed Beef box options to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

2. Delivery from our farm to your door.

Our boxes are delivered every Tuesday right to your home. You can always pause your box or change the delivery date.

3. Enjoy our Kentucky Proud Beef with family and friends.

Recipes are included with every box to inspire your kitchen and delight your loved ones. Let's get to cooking!


The Keto Box


Pasture raised chicken from Groce Family Farm
Pasture raised chicken from Groce Family Farm 100% Grassfed Beef Liver, perfect for the Keto diet. 100% Grassfed Ribeye Steak, perfect for the Keto diet. 100% Grassfed Ground Beef 100% Grassfed Skirt Steak, perfect for the Keto diet.

The Keto Box makes it easy to get the grassfed protein you need for your keto lifestyle.

Not on the Keto diet? This box is for you too! It includes a variety of cuts to help you experience different taste profiles. PLUS, it's our first-ever box to include chicken, locally sourced from our friends at Groce Family Farm, where chickens are pasture raised and only fed non-GMP feed (and bugs!)

Subscribe for only $150, or purchase a one-time delivery for $165.


2 lbs. ground beef in 16 oz. packs; 3 ribeye steaks; .75 lbs. of skirt steak; 2 lbs. beef liver; 1.75 lbs. skin-on chicken drumsticks; and 2 lbs. skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs.


Awesome steaks and beef! Excellent service and friendliness. Love buying our healthy meats and produce from them!

– Harry

Foxhollow Farm has EXCELLENT grassfed beef. We participate in their subscription service. We are very pleased with the quality, variety of their meat available and their customer service is great. They will deliver to your home or work. Very handy!

– Maureen

Excellent beef, the nicest people - I highly recommend Foxhollow Farm!

– Anonymous

I love my subscription service and truly appreciate having the best beef on hand when I need it.

– Samantha Jo

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